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A community, a practice, and the embodiment of an evolving consciousness.


This video is a beautiful tribute to the ripple effects of kindness.

Thank you to our friends at Life Vest Inside. Music “One Day,” by Matisyahu.

Vision 2014

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LifeGround7™ Practices

  • As we move from a consumption mentality to a contribution mentality, abundance begins to flow to us in ways we can hardly begin to describe.–RJ Starr

  • The realization that there is a spiritual system in force, and that system is perfect and seeks the expansion of the entirety of humanity, changes everything about your life.–RJ Starr

  • The conceptual, linear framework consisting of beliefs, intellect, emotions, perceptions and other points of view, are contents of consciousness, but these are not consciousness itself.–RJ Starr

  • Sacred Center is for the person who has realized that there is a new energy on the planet that has shifted the collective karmic direction. It is beyond linear thought and conceptual framework, but we know it intuitively.–RJ Starr

  • You can recalibrate every aspect of your life right now, but this is not a part time commitment. The fact is most people are content with mediocrity, so their lives will continue to be a roller-coaster, playing the lottery by asking God for do-over's.–RJ Starr

  • Spiritual teachings are multidimensional by nature, but our linear communication collapses dynamic energies into a single-dimensional language system. Profound spiritual insight is a multidimensional download received through an immediacy of this recognition.–RJ Starr

  • Human free will is just that - a choice. You are either choosing to move toward something, away from it, or you're at a standstill. Choose wisely.–RJ Starr